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Psychotherapy for Grieving Adults

Because it's not time that heals...

it's what you do with that time.


About Me

I help people work through intense grief and move forward with life after experiencing a significant loss. Whether your loss was caused by a death or divorce, your person is gone, and you're not quite sure how to live without them.


You're probably just going through the motions. Walking around in a fog. You can’t concentrate. Can’t sleep. You’re isolating...or finding ways to keep busy at all times. It feels like there’s a giant hole in your heart that will never be filled. Sometimes you’re overwhelmed with emotion. Sometimes you feel nothing at all. You are in pain, and no one seems to understand.


You need to talk about these things – and talk about them with someone who gets it.


I am that someone.



Individual Sessions

These one-on-one sessions are an opportunity for you to be intentional with your grief. Together, we will work to process the pain you are experiencing, and work toward creating and maintaining a healthy connection to the person you lost. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques that range from basic grief counseling to Complicated Grief Treatment...

Family Sessions

Family members can sometimes isolate from one another during times of intense grief. Bringing everyone together for a family session can be an incredibly healing experience after a death or divorce. I create a safe space for families to come together and connect, share stories, and learn how to support one another as you adjust to life after your loss.

Anniversary Rituals

Anniversaries, birthdays, and other special dates can bring up an array of emotions when you are grieving a loss. Many people dread certain dates and wonder how they'll get through them. Others long for a way to honor their person on these special occasions. We can work together to create a custom ritual to take place on or around your special date.

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